Johnny Vaughan and Steve Brooker on History Channel's 'Mud Men' Series

Filming Nick Stevens, Johnny and Steve on History Channel's 'Mud Men' Series


Steve Brooker and  Nick Stevens on the cover of 'The Searcher' magazine

Press Releases

The Thames Museum will benefit from any media coverage when very unique artifacts are found in the River Thames and go on display in the museum.  A Roman Brothel Token, a Richard III Boar Mount and a Wooly Rhino Nose (ca. 35,000 BC) are three examples of recent artifacts found in the River Thames which captured international attention.  These are all amazing and historically important finds which have greatly increased the knowledge of London’s history. These and many more similar finds would all have their place in The Thames Museum and would be on permanent display for all to see and enjoy. 


Media coverage will be an important tool in engaging with the public and informing people about the amazing artifacts and their importance in understanding London’s history.  The museum founders, Steve Brooker and Nick Stevens, have appeared in numerous television series and talk shows, newspapers, magazines, journals, online press releases, Youtube videos, etc. to talk about the artifacts they have discovered.


Television Series

In the TV Show ‘Mud Men” which airs on the History Channel, Steve Brooker and Nick Stevens star alongside Johnny Vaughan in discovering London’s past. The show is the network’s most watched/popular UK produced show, and series 4 will be produced next year. Each episode starts with mudlarking on the River Thames and the discovery of artifacts which are unique to that specific area of foreshore. Dr Michael Lewis, the Deputy Head of the Portable Antiquities Scheme from the British Museum, inspects the artifacts which the mudlarks have found, and he explains the history and significance of these artifacts. 

The unique artifacts lead Steve, Nick and Johnny on an historical quest to unlock the history of the artifacts by visiting historic locations and museums, speaking with historians and specialists and reenacting historical events. This TV exposure could create many great possibilities for the Thames Museum, not only to self-promote, but potentially include the Museum in any future filming projects. 


Steve Brooker has also appeared in TV shows such as Time Team, Digging for Britain, Antiques Roadshow, BBC coverage of The Thames Pageant, Country Lives, etc.


News and Talk Show Interviews

The museum founders regularly do interviews on the subject of Mudlarking for UK and overseas news stations and talk shows, so this media channel could also be used to promote the Thames Museum.  Steve and Nick have appeared on ITN News, BBC Inside Out, The One Show (with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York), The Alan Titchmarsh Show, The Paul O’Grady Show, Live with Gabby among other shows.


Magazines and Archaeology Publications

The museum founders have also have been interviewed and featured in articles in magazines and publications such as Time Magazine, Current Archaeology, London Archaeologist, The Searcher, Treasure Hunter and The British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme Annual Report.



The New York Times, The Independent, The Times, Reuters, The Evening Standard, The Australian, The Daily Mail, Metro and The Sun have also published articles about Steve Brooker and Nick Stevens and their historically important artifacts with unique stories.


The Thames and its history are now more popular than ever.  By utilizing these media channels, the Thames Museum will be able to reach a broader audience both nationally and internationally with the story of the River Thames and its fascinating liquid history.